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Ooh, nice feed!
So I've discovered the Friends Feed page here.

So much nicer than getting email updates, having to open them just to see what the post is about at all - other blogging platforms put the post title in the subject line, but LJ only tells me who the author is and I find it bothersome to have to open each email just to see that it's something I'm not interested in. (Yes, I know you can limit your subscription by tags, but I'm nowhere near organised enough to work out exactly which ones I'd want to know about.)

Until recently I was following LJ posts through Google Reader, but that's going soon, and I decided to change over from rss feed to email subscriptions because I'm not very good at remembering to check my feed reader. But now I've found the lovely Friends Feed here I think I'll just pop in now and again and read stuff right here. I really really like the look. (The new one. Much more easy on the eye.)

Who knows, I might comment a bit more often this way - being already "here" anyway might make it feel more natural. Also, I won't get those annoying times when I finish reading and type a whole comment only to discover I'm not logged in.

Love the email comment updates here!
Haven't been posting here, only using this account for keeping in touch with a friend who does. Was really really pleased today to see that if I comment on a post and someone replies, I get an email not just telling me there's a new comment, not only giving me the full text of the comment, but also telling me who the comment is by, and also giving me links for all these different things I might possibly want to do:
  • View the thread starting from this comment
  • View the thread this comment is a part of
  • View all comments to this entry
  • Reply at the webpage
Top marks to LiveJournal - I don't think I've ever seen such excellent comment updates anywhere else! Nor have I ever seen a platform that enables you to actually view just one thread on a post - that's just fabulous!


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